Looking for Beach Reads this June?

It’s that time of year again, when we all load up our ebook readers with some fun novels to read on vacation. There’s some great promotions going on out there….

Dean F. Wilson is overseeing a giveaway of free books, short stories and sample chapters, all science fiction or fantasy, all available on Instafreebie. “Lost in a Dream,” the prequel story to Waking the Dreamlost, is included. Click here to check out the list!

If you like thrillers, David Neth has you covered. He’s rounded up a bunch of thriller titles in a variety of subgenres, from all the major vendors…and they’re just $0.99 each, today and tomorrow. Click here to be taken to the list for some fast paced beach reading!

April Showers Bring Instafreebie Giveaways!

As you may know, steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson is currently hosting a group giveaway on Instafreebie, of free science fiction and fantasy books, short stories and sample chapters. You can find a sample chapter from my first book, Marrying A Monster, as part of the giveaway. There is also a page for related works on sale, just $0.99 apiece, and Marrying A Monster is there too. Just click on the links above to check out all the books you can get for free or for $0.99!

So many good deals on St Patrick’s Day!

Regina Welling is once again hosting a sale of clean paranormal/suspense books on her website, in a variety of genres from mystery to fantasy to romance. All of them, including my novel Waking The Dreamlost, are just $0.99! If you’re in the mood for a more cleancut story with little or no cursing or explicit violence or sex, you know that at times it can be tricky finding something you like in these genres, so check the sale out here!

As you may know, steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson is currently hosting a group giveaway on Instafreebie, of free science fiction and fantasy books, short stories and sample chapters. You can find a short prequel to Waking The Dreamlost as part of the giveaway. There is also a page for related works on sale, just $0.99 apiece, and of course Waking the Dreamlost is there too. Just click on the links above or the images below to check out all the books you can get for free or for $0.99.

New Novel Released!

Someone is stealing Itana’s memories, and the young woman doesn’t even know it. Her only chance of escape from the forces toying with her mind is her new bodyguard, a former soldier named Marish. But their love for each other could blind them to the dangers surrounding them, and leave Itana trapped without her memories forever!

Hello there! After several months of hard work, I am pleased to announced that my second novel, Waking the Dreamlost, is available online now. The hero of Dreamlost is the brother of Monster‘s hero, and both books are set in the country of Jaiya, in a world not quite like ours. You can read a short prequel to Dreamlost for free here.

You can find the book itself at major ebook stores all across the internet, such as AmazonNookiBooksKoboScribd, and Google Play. It is also available (in English) at stores like FNACDoganBajalibros, Ebooklife, and Hugendubel.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to read Marrying A Monster, the first book in the Jaiya Series, it is available at all the same vendors as Dreamlost. Just click here to be taken to the vendor of your choice, or here to download a free sample chapter.

Happy St Valentine’s Day! Romance Novels on Sale!


Happy St. Valentine’s Day! Fantasy author David Neth has put together a promotion showcasing romance novels across all the major ebook vendors, all priced at $0.99 from February 12 to 13. Just click here to be taken to the main promo page, and then click on the store symbol of your choice beneath the banner. There are also links to the print and audio editions of the sale books, although not all of these are discounted.

My first novel, Marrying A Monster, is part of the promotion, and will continue to be on sale afterwards as well, but some of the other books will be going back to full price on the 14th. Be sure to click here to check out all the sales!

Science Fiction and Fantasy Books On Sale!


The Science Fiction writer Patty Jansen has pulled together over a hundred books on sale in these genres, and sorted them by store: basically, you click here, and then beneath the banner you click on the store symbol of your choice (Amazon, Nook, Kobo, etc) and then you can see the books available in each store.

I’m very grateful to Patty for doing all this work, and very glad for the chance to participate in this sale, which runs today and tomorrow. (You’ll find Marrying A Monster listed under Fantasy Romance.)
This sale starts today and continues through tomorrow. Some of the books, like my own, are at $0.99 for the long term, but others are only on sale for these two days, so be sure and check them out!

Paranormal/Romantic Mysteries and Thrillers on Sale


Do you like cozy mysteries or sweet romances? With a paranormal angle or without? Regina Welling, author of several paranormal cozies, has put together a promotion listing a number of books in these genres, all on sale for $0.99 on Amazon. My first novel, Marrying a Monster, is part of the promotion, but there are quite a few other books available as well. Just click here if you feel like checking out the sale!

More Music To Write Novels By

(Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.)

Winter Is…Continuing. MLK Weekend Is Coming. I am finally almost recovered from all the excitement of NaNoWriMo and the holiday season, so I’d like to write about the trickiness of soundtracking my last NaNo project.

The prologue and first chapter is basically about people gearing up for a party on a major religious festival, most of them unaware that an invasion is looming over their heads. From there, their world turns into a warzone, kind of a cross between Casablanca and Hotel Rwanda, and then turns into a mystical adventure in the spirit of Raiders of the Lost Ark, or at least the third act of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

So, I worked my way through the pre-invasion parts with no problem, using a variant of my standard writing playlist discussed here, and then a funny thing happened. As the story got relatively darker and sadder, the  Gothic but bouncy vibe of my Castlevania playlist stopped working for me.

Usually it has just enough energy to help me power through the sad stuff without spoiling the mood, but somehow all that swagger and melodrama started to grate on me. It seemed disrespectful of what the characters were going through. I tried my outlining/problem-solving playlist, and although that helped to some extent, it didn’t seem quite right.

So I turned to the playlist I had thrown together for my 2015 NaNoWriMo project (the gladiator/MMA fantasy project mentioned here.) When I had been prepping NaNo2015, my standard playlists hadn’t seem to fit it terribly well, until I threw together an unlikely mix of Ennio Morricone and Jerry Goldsmith tracks:

-From Morricone’s Red Sonja: Main Title and Varna’s Death.

-From Goldsmith’s Rio Conchos: Main Title and Where’s the Water.

-And then the whole of Goldsmith’s Medicine Man soundtrack.

That had worked great in 2015 and it worked fine for the remainder of the warzone scenes and also the mystical adventure scenes as well. The funny part, which I didn’t really notice until I was mostly done? Well, the mystical adventure subplot hinges on a tree-themed religious symbol, and the question of whether it is a real thing or just a philosophical concept.

And if you’ve seen Medicine Man, or even skimmed the track listing for the music, you know that the story revolves around a fictional tree species from the Amazon rain forest.

I hadn’t chosen the playlist with that in mind, but it was an interesting coincidence.

Happy Third Day of Christmas! Instafreebie Romance Giveaway!


Who doesn’t love freebies, especially at this time of year? Author Roz Marshall has organized a romance-themed giveaway on instafreebie, with a wide variety of sneak peeks, short stories, and full-length books. I volunteered the sample chapter to Marrying A Monster to be part of this giveaway, but there are many other freebies to choose from. Just click here, where you can check out all the great freebies available.