Get Spider Star for Free!

Spider Star, the second and final book in my space opera series, is now live, and free for all Kindle readers until March 28, 2023. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it will be free until June 3, 2023, when it leaves Kindle enrollment.

You may know me from my clean fantasy romance novels in the Jaiya series and the Ancestors of Jaiya series. My new space operas, called the Star Master series, have less romance, but still combine adventure, mysticism and fun characters, while avoiding harsh language, graphic violence and sexuality. Shadow Captain was written with fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda in mind.

If Spider Star sounds like it would interest you, feel free to check it out on Amazon now.


Weird Wednesday: Elon Musk Finds Creative New Use for Emojis

No dog in this fight, just amused.

Also grateful to Musk for doing this, because I was out of good ideas for Weird Wednesday and the next one was either going to be links to the two Italian adaptations of Pride and Prejudice or a review of the mind-numbingly boring Some May Live.

The Star Master Duology is Now Complete

I finally managed to publish Spider Star, the second book in the Star Master Duology. Spider Star will be in Kindle Unlimited until early June, so I encourage anyone with a KU subscription to check it out in the next three months. Shadow Captain, the first book in the series, has cycled out of KU but is only $0.99. Happy reading!

Weird Wednesday: Broken Windows Fallacy

If you’ve heard this expression, and wanted to know what it was all about, it comes from the first part of this essay by Claude Frederic Bastiat. Version at the link below has been translated into English; link is provided for educational purposes. I leave you to make up your own mind about the merits and demerits of Bastiat’s perspective.

1984 and Sobering Thoughts on Ash Wednesday

This isn’t explicitly religious (the source material is anything but religious in fact), but I thought it more appropriate to post the Weird Wednesday material yesterday, and put this up today.

This is a story about how people who have no values beyond their own desires and sense of mistreatment are easily destroyed by people and organizations who have no values but the will to power. The main character may be the product of his environment, but ultimately, being Winston is a choice.

Don’t be Winston or Julia. Understand what matters to you, do your best to cultivate habits of virtue and live up to whatever code of conduct you’ve managed to discern. Pray. But also, don’t feel smugly superior to Winston. Look at St. Peter the Apostle, virtue signaling about his courage and loyalty on Holy Thursday, and then denying his Lord that very night. We all have the opportunity to rise or fall. What will we do when that opportunity comes?

Weird Mardi Gras: Rachael Aaron and the Time-Knowledge-Enthusiasm Triangle

This article’s advice is: know what you plan to write, find a way to get excited about what you plan to write, find your must productive writing time/place and use it. It’s about the most useful thing I’ve ever read about the writing process.