From a Certain Point of View…

So, NaNoWriMo2021…not a success in terms of wordcount. It looks like I will finish the month around or slightly under 18,000 words, the lowest results for any NaNo I have attempted. However, I did have a helpful insight yesterday in terms of what I was working on.

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Halfway Through NaNoWriMo, Not Halfway Done

I should be at 25000 words by now, but am a bit more than 10000 words behind. I think I’ve been this far behind before and managed to make it up in the second half, so we’ll see how it goes. General thoughts:

-Dictation continues to be a not-so-good choice for me for NaNoWriMo. The rest of the year, I use it mostly when I am burned out and fed up with what I’m working on. It’s more mental work for me to get my thoughts in order before I speak them than to type quickly and backspace through anything I change my mind about, and the amount of tweaking needed to turn the dictation results into some kind of sense largely erases the speed advantage.

-Working on multiple projects in NaNoWriMo, also not a great choice for me. I’ve gotten maybe 499 words on Thorn Master, and 1000ish on Star Master Book 2, only just started on Star Master Book 3 in the past couple of days. I tend to write my way slowly and meditatively through the second half (and missing scenes) of a long, complicated first draft. So, although mentally I probably needed to get the Book 2 stuff out of the way, doing that first definitely slowed me down.

-Anyway, feel free to learn from my mistakes here.


Doing something a bit different this year, trying to work on three projects at once:

Star Master Book 2: I finished the rough draft of this sequel to Shadow Captain. I think it was a couple of weeks ago, but there are some missing scenes I’d like to add if I can.

Star Master Book 3: I have the epilogue written and a general idea of what leads up to it, and another general idea of where the story starts. The middle is kind of fuzzy.

ThornMaster: This is a prequel/side story about the parents of Shenti, a supporting character in the Star Master series, currently being serialized in Kindle Vella. I have three episodes published, and the climax written as well. There’s a few key moments plotted out.

I’m hoping having multiple choices for things to work on will help with the 12K, 15K, 30K, and 40K blahs. We will see.

My NaNoWriMo Word document this year is laid out a little differently from the usual. The last couple of years, I’ve been putting the day’s date in “Heading 1,” allowing me to autogenerate a linked table of contents that allows me to jump from the front of the document to whatever I was last working on.

This year, each of the projects above are in “Heading 1,” and the plot points I know about and want to work on are in “Heading 2,” under their respective projects, which makes them subheadings to those projects. The day’s date will be in “Heading 3,” under whatever plot point I am working on that day. (Let’s not think too hard about what happens if I work on multiple projects or plot points on the same day.)

And since no National Novel Writing Month is complete at Casa Jaglion Press without someone singing about having a long ways to go and a short time to get there:

Rough Draft of Star Master Book 2 is Complete

And…it’s done. About 74K words, but there’s some places that need expanding, and the parents of one of the supporting characters showed up and decided to join in, so now I need to add them to the first three quarters or so of the story.

NaNoWriMo? In two weeks? Well, no, I don’t have a clear plan for that, beyond writing whatever I can of Star Master Book 3, the spinoff story Thorn Master, and missing scenes from Star Master Book 2. But it seems a shame to pass up a chance to get some writing done just when I’m getting the hang of it again.

Chesterton on the Decadence of Ancient Rome

From The Everlasting Man:

“There was nothing left that could conquer Rome; but there was also nothing left that could improve it. It was the strongest thing that was growing weak. It was the best thing that was going to the bad. It is necessary to insist again and again that many civilisations had met in one civilisation of the Mediterranean sea; that it was already universal with a stale and sterile universality. The peoples had pooled their resources and still there was not enough. The empires had gone into partnership and they
were still bankrupt. No philosopher who was really philosophical could think anything except that, in that central sea, the wave of the world had risen to its highest, seeming to touch the stars. But the wave was already stooping; for it was only the wave of the world.”

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Fiction Versus Non-Fiction

As a writer, I have two wolves inside of me. One is called Non-Fiction, and the other is called Fiction. They are constantly fighting. Which one will win? The one I feed.

Okay, that is not how that story is usually told, but it’s a good representation of something I believe about the writing process: every bit of time and energy you dedicate to non-fiction is a piece of time and energy your fiction is not getting.

Case in point: I took a new job earlier this year, in the March/April timeframe. My main WIP was around 55K at that point. I had to write guidance documents for both my old job (for the benefit of the co-workers who would be covering those tasks) and my new job (for my own benefit).

Today, the fiction WIP is 67K, the Vella project (started after new job) is maybe 4K-5K, the WIP guidance document for new job is 13K and counting, and guidance document for old job is 9K. I’m happy I took the new job: it’s interesting stuff, and it came with a bump in pay. But where would I be on my fiction project without it? Probably a lot further along.

This is why I am not a very prolific blogger, and why I generally try to avoid expressing political opinions or reviews of media I consume on this blog. I don’t want to be a pundit or a reviewer, I want to be a novelist. Off-hand, I can think of maybe six authors I enjoy where I would read their fiction and non-fiction works with equal enthusiasm, and five of them are dead. I’m not saying I couldn’t be that good some day, because I honestly don’t know the answer to that. But I’m certainly not there now.

Something to keep in mind, if your fiction keeps getting sidetracked by Things You Have to Blog About. What kind of writer do you want to be? What kind of writing is the most essential to you?

Just Keep On Truckin’

No, I am not done with the rough draft of Star Master Book 2 yet. But I am past one of the sticking points, and hope to be done with another sticking point soon. I wanted to talk to you today about a third sticking point, though…

Pretty much from the earliest outlines this book was going to contain a major disagreement between the hero and the heroine. I knew more or less what it was about, but not all the finer details of why and how this particular subject would hit them hard. And when I sat down to write it, the hero’s attitude kept feeling undermotivated.

I tried everything I could to get at why the heroine’s actions would bother the hero so much, and nothing seemed to work. My characters don’t always tell me what’s going on with them. It’s one of their more uniformly realistic traits.

I had to just leave the relevant scenes like that in rough draft, and hope that I could figure it out later.

Jump to earlier this week, when I suddenly realized that there were some things the heroine needed to do (or rather ask someone to do for her) for “OpSec” reasons, before initiating the plan the hero objected to. And once I realized that the hero might have to be the one to take care of those things for her, I realized what his problem was. The things she would be asking him to do for her are things that he would be extremely uncomfortable with, given his past experiences.

So that’s a load off my mind. It’s going to involve a lot of rewriting (by my standards), but at least I know where I’m going with that subplot now. Just another example of how sometimes all you can do in life is keep stumbling blindly forward, and trust in God and the skills He gave you to make sense of it all later.

The July SFF Book Bonanza Is Here!

Hello, there! Happy Independence Day and Happy World UFO Day, to those who are celebrating!
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