Sale on Asian-themed SFF!


One thing to be thankful for this year is that science fiction and fantasy are constantly trying to explore new ideas and new settings. Fantasy author J. C. Kang has set a promotion up showcasing science fiction and fantasy novels with Asian-inspired settings, just $0.99 each on Amazon, through Sunday November 5. Because the country of Jaiya, where my books take place, is loosely inspired by India, Marrying a Monster is part of the sale. Just click here or on the image above to be taken to the sale page, where you can check out some stories that are a bit different from everything else out there!


Another interesting promo is running on Instafreebie: a giveaway of science fiction/fantasy novels and short stories, overseen by Patty Jansen. You can click here to check it out!


More Books On Sale, Hosted by Dean Wilson!


Dean had the clever of idea of doing a followup sale to last week’s Science Fiction/Fantasy giveaway on Instafreebie. A number of authors, myself included, have taken the books associated with last week’s giveaway, and set them to 0.99 on Amazon. The sale runs through tomorrow (October 22), so click here for the full list!

Meanwhile, back on Instafreebie, Oliver Cohen has organized an interesting giveaway for clean romances, which you can check out here.

Light Urban Fantasies On Sale! Plus An Instafreebie Giveaway!

Regina Welling Oct2017thumbnail_Promo2

Do you like your urban fantasies on the lighter side? Less grimdark, less harsh language? Maybe with a bit of romance, maybe without? Regina Welling, author of twelve books across three series, has put together a promotion showcasing a number of books in that “vein,” all on sale for $0.99 on Amazon. My latest novel, Loving a Deathseer, is part of the promotion, but there are quite a few other books available as well. Just click here if you feel like checking out the sale!


Steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson has also put together an Instafreebie giveaways of free novels, short stories and sample chapters in the science fiction and fantasy genres, running until tomorrow (October 15). You can click here to check out the giveaway page.

SF&F Books On Sale for 0.99!


Happy Halloween! The Science Fiction writer Patty Jansen has pulled together a hundred books on sale for $0.99 in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, from across all the major ebook stores.

My latest novel Loving a Deathseer listed under Fantasy Romance. This sale starts today and continues through tomorrow. Some of the books are at $0.99 for the long term, but others are only on sale for these two days, so click here to check them out!

Loving a Deathseer is now live

As a servant, Erno spends his days rushing around while his wealthy employers bark orders at him. By night, he cases out his employers’ homes and sells the information to his burglar friends. He has only three rules: don’t get close to anyone, don’t let anyone get hurt, and don’t let anyone get framed for the crime. But his latest job will plunge him into a world of political intrigue,and test his rules to the breaking point. His only chance at redemption lies in the love of a persecuted young woman, with the power to foresee his death….

Hello there! After several months of hard work, I am pleased to announced that my third novel, Loving a Deathseer, is available online now. The heroine of Deathseer is the cousin of the two brothers who were the heroes of Marrying a Monster and Waking the Dreamlost and all three books are set in the country of Jaiya, in a world not quite like ours.

You can find Deathseer at major ebook stores all across the internet, such as AmazonNookiBooks, and Kobo.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to read Marrying A Monster, the first book in the Jaiya Series, it is available at all the same vendors as Deathseer. Just click here to be taken to the vendor of your choice, or here to download a free sample chapter. If you would like to read Waking the Dreamlost, click here to be taken to the vendor of your choice, or here to download a free prequel story.

A Peek Behind the Curtain

It’s been a busy summer, with multiple family trips and some extra work at the day job loaded on. I’m about halfway through revising Loving A Deathseer, the third book in the Jaiya Series. It can be tricky because Deathseer was the first thing I wrote in the Jaiya universe, back in 2010, and I hadn’t worked out all the details of the world-building yet.

For instance, Marrying A Monster (written in 2013, published in October 2016) and Waking The Dreamlost (written in 2016, published February 2017), both take place in a world in which people with superhuman powers and angelic bloodlines drive cars and talk on cell phones to inhuman insect-people, in between fighting terrorists, drug dealers, and eldritch monsters who hate the human race.

I originally wrote Deathseer as having a more dieselpunk setting, with fantasy elements to offset the lower technology level. For instance, palantir-like objects called “viewglobes” served as tv sets, radios and cell phones. Here is the rough draft (typos and all) of a scene I just finished revising and expanding. The new version is about double the length, and unlike the version below, does not involve a newsreader broadcasting his report to a giant crystal ball….

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A little July fun with $0.99 books!


A little July fun! The Science Fiction writer Patty Jansen has pulled together over a hundred books on sale for $0.99 in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genres, from across all the major ebook stores.

You’ll find Marrying a Monster listed under Urban Fantasy. This sale starts today and continues through tomorrow. Some of the books are at $0.99 for the long term, but others are only on sale for these two days, so click here to check them out!

Looking for Beach Reads this June?

It’s that time of year again, when we all load up our ebook readers with some fun novels to read on vacation. There’s some great promotions going on out there….

Dean F. Wilson is overseeing a giveaway of free books, short stories and sample chapters, all science fiction or fantasy, all available on Instafreebie. “Lost in a Dream,” the prequel story to Waking the Dreamlost, is included. Click here to check out the list!

If you like thrillers, David Neth has you covered. He’s rounded up a bunch of thriller titles in a variety of subgenres, from all the major vendors…and they’re just $0.99 each, today and tomorrow. Click here to be taken to the list for some fast paced beach reading!

April Showers Bring Instafreebie Giveaways!

As you may know, steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson is currently hosting a group giveaway on Instafreebie, of free science fiction and fantasy books, short stories and sample chapters. You can find a sample chapter from my first book, Marrying A Monster, as part of the giveaway. There is also a page for related works on sale, just $0.99 apiece, and Marrying A Monster is there too. Just click on the links above to check out all the books you can get for free or for $0.99!