Weird Wednesday: Particularly Disturbing Angle on Roswell

T;DR version: author proposes that the Roswell crash in 1947 involved experimental US craft of some kind, with Japanese POWs and disabled people being used as test pilots/guinea pigs. The rumored bodies recovered would, in this account, have been humans, not aliens, and the potential for public outcry was deemed serious enough to let people run with the alien version of the story instead. Not sure I believe it, but it’s more plausible than some things.


Weird Wednesday: Every Effing Vampire Movie in the World Tried to Warn You

But no, you wouldn’t listen.

Seriously though, to any powerful old people reading that story and searching for access to young blood, just don’t. You’ll find out just how fast the peasants can pick up their torches and pitchforks. The video below is not an introduction but a warning:

Weird Wednesday: State of the Author, April 2023

Here’s where I am at these days:

Spider Star, aka Star Master Book 2: this has been released and is free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers right now. It will leave KU on June 3, so if you are a KU subscriber, I would advise you to download it before then and read at your leisure. When it leaves KU, I will be raising the price on Shadow Captain (the first book in the series), so keep that in mind as well. Later in June, I will work on putting Spider Star up on the other ebook vendors and setting up an AI-voiced audiobook at Google Play.

-Hunter Healer King, Book 1: Currently a shade under 10K words of a projected 70K, so I think it’s safe to call this an actual work in progress. If you frequent some of the other places I visit online, you may have seen me call this one “the Gothic Dunedain project” or “the Steampunk Dunedain project.” Basically this is a monster-hunting gothic fantasy with a steampunk angle and some Tolkienian tropes thrown in, like an ancient line of kingly monster-hunters who come from a lost civilization. No Elves or Dwarves so far. The plan is to serialize it on Vella, once completed, and then use any feedback to help in turning it into a conventional ebook.

-Regency Sleuth: At 4K of a projected 70K, this is still in the exploratory stages. Call it an “almost-WIP.” It’s not set in the actual Regency, just in a vaguely British Regency like place with minor fantasy elements (so far consisting of a single empath, whose abilities are not so far very useful in solving mysteries). I’m finding that writing a mystery calls for a very different approach so I’m kind of feeling my way through the process. I do like new challenges though, which is why I switch up genres when I finish with a particular setting. If completed, this one will possibly cycle through Vella as well.

-Ancestors of Jaiya: I may get some help stomping typos for these, and if so, I will set up AI-voiced audiobooks for them on Google Play.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at in the writing process. Feel free to share your opinions below.

Weird Wednesday: Chicken or the Egg

I used to think of myself as someone who starts writing with a protagonist (and a set of foils) and a situation, sometimes with an outline hitting the high points of where we needed to go. A recent conversation elsewhere made me realize that, by the time that happens, I’ve usually spent a lot of time daydreaming about different genres and world-building different settings, and I’m selecting the protagonist and the situation because they go with a setting/genre I was already playing with. *Shrug* not important, just interesting.

Get Spider Star for Free!

Spider Star, the second and final book in my space opera series, is now live, and free for all Kindle readers until March 28, 2023. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, it will be free until June 3, 2023, when it leaves Kindle enrollment.

You may know me from my clean fantasy romance novels in the Jaiya series and the Ancestors of Jaiya series. My new space operas, called the Star Master series, have less romance, but still combine adventure, mysticism and fun characters, while avoiding harsh language, graphic violence and sexuality. Shadow Captain was written with fans of Star Wars, Firefly, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda in mind.

If Spider Star sounds like it would interest you, feel free to check it out on Amazon now.

Weird Wednesday: Elon Musk Finds Creative New Use for Emojis

No dog in this fight, just amused.

Also grateful to Musk for doing this, because I was out of good ideas for Weird Wednesday and the next one was either going to be links to the two Italian adaptations of Pride and Prejudice or a review of the mind-numbingly boring Some May Live.