Weird Wednesday: Audiobooks!

Thanks to the auto-narrator function at Google Play, I now have audio book versions of four of my novels available:

Shadow Captain
Marrying a Monster
Waking the Dreamlost
Loving a Deathseer

Right now I am working on polishing Shadow Captain’s sequel. I hope to have it published by late December of this year, at which point it will spend 90 days in Kindle Unlimited so that the KU readers of the first book can enjoy it. The audiobook for the sequel will be made available around the time it comes to Google Play, sometime in 2023. Once I have Shadow Captain’s sequel completed, the focus will be on re-editing the Ancestors of Jaiya novels in preparation for their audiobook release, and on a new project to be announced later.

Happy Listening!

Weird Wednesday: Super-Deep Geothermal Drilling

Normally, geothermal power is only used for generating electricity in places that have “hot spots” relatively close to the surface, like this location in Italy. Meet Quaise Energy who believe that you can generate electricity with geothermal heat anywhere in the world, if you just drill deep enough.

Here’s hoping they end up emulating this Peter Cushing character, not this one. Good luck, guys.

Crossdomain “Transmedium” Threats

The Pentagon would have you believe that the truth is out there, although I am not entirely clear on when we started taking the Pentagon’s word for this stuff. I don’t know whether the truth is out there or not, but some days I suspect Robur the Conqueror is.

(Please Note: the film version of Master of the World features Robur’s much more generic airship from the prequel, Clipper of the Clouds. If you watch the film, you will get to see both Vincent Price and Charles Bronson doing their thing, but you won’t get to see any Steampunk Triple Changer that can function as an aircraft, automobile, and submarine.)

Weird Wednesday: We Can Imagine It For You Wholesale

Still trying out wacky prompts in Midjourney, and developing a fresh, if wary, respect for AI-based images. I have actually pretty good versions of my heroines from the Ancestors of Jaiya series, and some more space art for Star Master. I will probably share those at some point, after some more clean-up.

In the meantime, here’s some completely random Midjourney fan art: the main characters from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly as pirates. General note: for more old-school actors with conventionally handsome features, Midjourney sometimes struggles to create a likeness humans can recognize (see the Clint Eastwood image below), whereas celebrities with quirkier, more distinctive features fare a bit better (see the Van Cleef and Wallach images below).

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Drinking Glasses for Weird Wednesday

A long time ago, Venice was the Area 51 of Italy: a place where experts could experiment with the complicated and dangerous process of glass making on the more isolated lagoon islands, without setting their neighbors on fire. And every now and again, they still do something eccentric with their favorite local material:

Modular Art Deco shot glasses, fish-shaped. I’m sure Captain Nemo would have liked them very much, and had enough staff to keep them clean.

And here we have a wineglass with a wavy stem…and a bowl covered in glass thorns. Maybe this is a way of forcing tourists to sip their wine, instead of slugging it back?

One Weird Trick: Electricity from Cow Manure

I’ll be honest, I don’t know enough about the engineering or the economics to understand whether these projects can work out in the long run, but points for thinking outside the box.

Recently announced (late 2021) project in Chhattisgarh (a state in Central India):

Longer running project at Dodge City:

Wisconsin dairy farm powered by the methane from its own cattle waste: