State of the Author Updates

I am almost done editing Slaying a Tyrant, the first book in the Ancestors of Jaiya series. I had hoped to be much further along in the process of editing this series by June, but family commitments and health issues have slowed me down. At this point, I am aiming for a late 2019 release for the Ancestors of Jaiya series.

My space opera is also going forward very slowly. I hope to have it finished by September, so that I can work on preparing for NaNoWriMo2019.

Just Heard About a Cool New Novel!

Sands of Eppla

thumbnail_Janeal Falor_front

Just Heard About a Cool New Novel!

Cassandra lives in a world where you fall in love at first sight—or not at all. Too bad she’s blind, and being blind makes her not only immune to love, but also a criminal. She must now live alone or face being sentenced to a life of slavery.

Though she’s grown accustomed to her solitude, everything changes when Cassandra stumbles across a mysterious man in her domain….
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Free SF&F Stories to Read in the Spring

Happy Easter! Speculative fiction writer Patty Jansen has graciously organized a giveaway of short stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres.

All free, all available on Prolific Works, the website formerly known as Instafreebie! She was gracious enough to include my short story, “Lost in a Dream,” in her basket of goodies, but there’s lots more to choose from-just click here to see the complete list.

PSA of a Religious Nature, With Phantom Menace Reference

Recently, I was given a strong reminder of how much of a struggle life can be. How much of a struggle doing the right thing can be. I am Catholic, so I offer prayers of petition to various saints, on the grounds that they were instruments of God on earth, and will continue to be instruments of God in heaven. One saint in particular Continue reading “PSA of a Religious Nature, With Phantom Menace Reference”

Happy Advent!

Sorry, first it was NaNoWriMo, then it was Thanksgiving, then it was Christmas shopping. And now, finally, I have time to put up an update.

NaNoWriMo: completed something like 56,000 words, but still need to finish the actual storyline. I am hoping to get that done before moving on to…

Ancestors of Jaiya: the editing and polishing phase which has been on the back-burner all these months.

Dictation experiment: this worked out really well for the first half of November, but a bad cold and a bad mood set me back in the middle of the month, and it took me a bit to get back on course. I am definitely grateful for this book. ignore the author’s “Go Go Dragon Naturally Speaking!” attitude and insistence on recording his dictation and having the computer transcribe it; his method works fine with live dictation and Windows Voice Recognition. The main point to the transcription process, according to the author of Fool Proof Dictation is to keep you from freezing up when you see your words appear on screen; turning away from the screen while you dictate works equally well.

Now Available on Googleplay

Not much to report on the writing front, still working on the late stages of Scapegoating A Hero.

But I have interesting news about my releases outside of Amazon: all three books in the Jaiya Series are now up on the Googleplay store. Marrying A MonsterWaking The Dreamlost, and Loving a Deathseer are all there now-just click on their titles if you want to purchases them to read on your Android-based device.

Sale on Asian-themed SFF!


One thing to be thankful for this year is that science fiction and fantasy are constantly trying to explore new ideas and new settings. Fantasy author J. C. Kang has set a promotion up showcasing science fiction and fantasy novels with Asian-inspired settings, just $0.99 each on Amazon, through Sunday November 5. Because the country of Jaiya, where my books take place, is loosely inspired by India, Marrying a Monster is part of the sale. Just click here or on the image above to be taken to the sale page, where you can check out some stories that are a bit different from everything else out there!


Another interesting promo is running on Instafreebie: a giveaway of science fiction/fantasy novels and short stories, overseen by Patty Jansen. You can click here to check it out!