Yet Another Cool Source for Free and Discounted Ebooks!

I booked a promotional slot for today with Ebookasaurus, another website which keeps its readers informed of all the best sales available on ebooks. This one covers multiple stores, so if your preferred store is Nook, iBooks, Kobo, etc, they have you covered. Feel free to check them out!

In other news: National Noveling Writing Month 2016 has begun! Once more into the breach, my friends….


David Neth Halloween 2016 Cross Promo!


Wooo! Lots of scary savings in this cross-genre promotion hosted by David Neth. Nearly 60 authors, including myself, have Halloween-friendly books in a variety of genres on sale for $0.99, from now until Halloween.

We have everything from ghosts to zombies to (a lot of) vampires to a couple of shifters, including Marrying A Monster. (Yes, there is a shifter in Monster, but he is more like the Incredible Hulk than Jacob from the Twilight books or Curran from Magic Bites and its sequels). David has been kind enough to sort the books by creature.

Anyway, with so many different authors and monsters on hand, I’m sure there’s something in there for everyone, so click here to check it out!

Free Giveaway Ending Soon!

I’m giving away an abridged sample chapter of my new Paranormal Romance, Marrying A Monster, on Instafreebie, right now. This is the second-to-last day of the giveaway, so grab it while you can. Just click here, and if you are not already an Instafreebie member, go through the steps to sign up.


MV Covers: Premade Book Covers At A Great Price

MV Covers* is run by an artist who is stepping back from the world of premade book covers (where the author picks out a pre-created design, explains what text needs to go on it, and pays for the result) to focus on logo work. Due to this, she is listing all her remaining premades at $15 a piece (which is EXTREMELY inexpensive for the quality of work she does) and is willing to make fairly major changes for a fee. I found a cover that I liked (for Loving A Deathseer, Book 3 in the Jaiya Series), but the woman was showing a bit more cleavage than I felt comfortable with, and I wanted her eyes to be more visible. The final pricetag for having that done and the fonts changed to more or less match what you see on the ebook cover to Marrying A Monster, was $30.

*Note: like many book cover sites, may be NSFW depending on your office’s guidelines.

Marrying A Monster featured on Digital Book Spot

Sometime back, I booked a spot for Marrying A Monster on Digital Book Spot, a website which publicizes free and $0.99 e-books. I found it to be a very user-friendly and easy to read website, with lots of books that looked interesting, in every genre from thriller to romance. Click here to check the site out!

Like the Characters? Try the sample!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these glimpses of the heroine and hero of Marrying a Monster as much as I have. Please check out the full book (for only $0.99) at e-bookstores all across the internet. Not ready for that kind of commitment? Check out the free sample chapter available now on Instafreebie!

Check Out Sweet Free Books!

Sweet Free Books runs a mailing list that covers free and discounted books, and today they are including Marrying A Monster! When I booked my novel for this promotion, I was impressed with the smoothness and efficiency of their website. This is all the more impressive when you consider the very modest fees they charge for book promotions. Many, many brownie points to the owner!

Click here to see a partial selection of the free and discounted books available out there.

New book recommendation service launching: Bobdog Books

A gentleman named Sean Hinn is launching a new book recommendation service called Bobdog Books, where both readers and authors can submit their favorite books to his site, along with their links on Amazon. The more nominations per book, the greater the visibility. When he starts to monetize the site, through Amazon Associates links, he plans to give half the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Since it was a worthy cause, I went ahead and submitted Marrying A Monster to his site, and may try to submit some of my favorite books later on.