Title and blurb Reveal: Paranormal Romance Book 1

It is a world not quite like ours, where the insect-like Gnosha live alongside humans, cars, and cell phones; and stranger things lurk in the shadows. Rina is a city girl now, but she can’t bring herself to say no when asked to come back home for an old local custom: a symbolic marriage between her town’s young women and the Mountain King, a legendary guardian spirit. As Rina travels home with a handsome but mysterious folklorist, she learns that the Mountain King is real, and a monstrous menace….

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am very pleased to introduce to you the first book in my paranormal romance series: Marrying A Monster.

It’s around 50,000 words long, more sweet than sensual on the romance side, more eerie than gritty on the paranormal side. It takes place in another world, in a country called Jaiya. Jaiya is a place of seeming contradictions: with modern technology anyone of us would recognize, ancient traditions that speak of guardian spirits and Old Ones, and humans who may just have a trace of the Old Ones’ powers.

Rina embodies those contradictions in her own way. She considers herself a thoroughly modern woman who runs a clothing shop in Rivertown, Jaiya’s capital, but she goes home to take part in what is to her a meaningless ritual, so that her parents won’t feel embarrassed in front of their neighbors.

The dashing anthropologist Vipin carries his own contradictions within him. His good looks and gentleness draw Rina to him, but he may yet prove more dangerous than the Mountain King himself…


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