Rough Draft of Paranormal Romance Book 2 is done!

*puts on Mel Dunay hat*

So, yesterday I just finished the rough draft of Book 2 in my paranormal romance series. It currently stands at around 42000 words. I still have to write an epilogue and a few other scenes, which will hopefully bring it closer to the 50ooo word mark, but I plan to leave those for the rewriting phase. I called Book 2 my “summer writing project,” and it certainly turned out to be that: I started around June 20, and wrote the last bit of the climax on September 24, one or two days after the official start of fall.

I’ve tried “summer writing projects” before in the past, and usually didn’t get more than a few thousand words into them. I think the only other one I managed to complete (again, somewhere in the 40000 word range) was ten years ago, and it was a lot sillier and less coherent than this.

I am now going to focus on getting Paranormal Romance Book 1 ready for publication; I hope to have it available for purchase sometime between October 1, 2016, and October 8, 2016.

Stay tuned for an “official” announcement for Paranormal Romance Book 1, with blurb and title, to be followed by the ebook cover and more!


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