Pomegranate Lover on Amazon!

*puts on Tia Baden hat*

Yay! The kindle edition of Pomegranate Lover went live on Amazon Tuesday or yesterday, and today the print and kindle editions linked successfully, so that you can now access them both from here. This is a collection of short (sometimes very short) stories I wrote on and off between 2005 and 2008 or 2009, and it includes “The Pomegranate Lover,” “The Prince of Horai and the Paper Sword,” “Like Father Like Son,” “Smokesteel,” “Sword of the Kear,” and “Blind Man’s Bluff.” The total collection is about 53-54 pages long, $2.99 on Kindle and $6.99 in paperback.

I am uncertain about how aggressively to promote this; I may do a Kindle Countdown Deal or a Freebie deal of some kind, and I will announce it here if so, but since I don’t know how soon I will revisit this pen name, and the genre is different from my current set of writing projects, I’m unwilling to burn promotional money on things like Bookbub, etc.



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