NaNoWriMo: Music to Write Books To

I’ve talked a little bit about music as a productivity tool, particularly in regard to outlining.  Today I would like to talk about music to write books to.  I personally have trouble listening to music with lyrics when I am writing.  I just start thinking about the singer’s words instead of my own.  For this reason, I tend to favor movie soundtracks or video game soundtracks.

Modern movie soundtracks tend to have many sedate passages with no clear melody or rhythm so there are usually only one or two tracks that work with my writing play lists.  What I had found works the best when it comes to movie music, tends to be soundtracks written between 1965 and 1990.  There is usually a main theme catchy and memorable, repeated in several different variations across the soundtrack.  There may also be a memorable villain theme or a sweet love theme, which may appear several times.

I usually did not give enough face time to my villains for them to rate their own play list of villain themes, but sometimes a play list of love themes comes in handy.  Most of the time, I turn to a game soundtrack that is driven and adventurous, repetitive enough and catchy enough to keep the fingers galloping over the keyboard, sinister enough to include the villain, romantic enough for the love story.  This soundtrack is Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, by Michiru Yamane.

I like her soundtracks to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Castlevania: Lament of Innocence even more as music than I do Curse of Darkness, but for me they’re too closely associated with my memories of playing the games when I was younger.  For some reason I never got around to Curse of Darkness, so the tunes are still fresh for me, and I can associate them with whatever I’m writing.  I particularly like these tracks: Baljhet Mountains, Garibaldi Courtyard, Garibaldi Temple, Mortavia Aqueduct, Mortavia Fountain, the Forest of Jigramunt, the Cave of Jigramunt, and Cordova Town. Most of the rest is too sad, too silly, or too harsh and dissonant for my tastes.

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The Shape of Things To Come

Now that you’ve “met” Marrying A Monster, maybe it’s time for me to share a little more about the rest of the Jaiya series.

The main Jaiya series is currently three books long, and is set in “present day” Jaiya, or at least a timeframe where the technology and social developments are similar to our present day. I have some ideas for short stories or novellas about these characters, and if I come up with any more 50K-length stories in this setting, that grab me, I will write them.

Marrying A Monster is of course the first book in the series. The second book is currently titled Waking the Dreamlost, which was my Summer 2017 writing project. Monster‘s hero, Vipin, has an older brother named Marish, who is the hero of Dreamlost. I will probably spend the rest of October revising Dreamlost, along with some time in November if I finish with NaNoWriMo2016 early, and however much time it takes after that. The hope is to have it ready to go by before December 15.

Loving A Deathseer is the third book in the series in internal chronology, but the first one written. (How that happened is a story for another time.) The heroine is a relative of Vipin’s and Marish’s. This one is going to need a lot more reworking than Dreamlost, so there isn’t a timeframe for release yet.

There is also a Jaiya prequel series in the works. At this point, the only thing written is last year’s NaNoWriMo project, a fantasy romance with a gladiator/MMA fighter angle set 200+ years before Marrying A Monster. I am currently outlining a book about Vipin’s parents, which I hope to do for NaNoWriMo this year.

I also have a very rough idea for a book about Vipin’s grandparents, which I will try to write in the first quarter of next year. And there’s an even sketchier concept for a steampunk-y paranormal romance set about 75 years after the gladiator romance, and about 150 yrs before Marrying A Monster. The steampunk romance and the gladiator romance would both deal with Vipin’s ancestors. The series would start releasing sometime in 2017, barring complications.


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Meet Vipin

Let me introduce you to Vipin, the hero of Marrying A Monster. He’s a quiet, athletic man with a strong, hawklike face and brown eyes that glow gold when the sunlight catches them. Rina first meets him on her bus trip into the foothills of the Blue Smoke Mountains.  He’s helpful and polite, almost the perfect gentleman, but Rina wonders what he’s really up to.

He claims to be an anthropologist researching regional folklore, but the fact that he can run like a marathoner and fight like a martial artist seems a bit suspicious to Rina. Vipin is no were-creature, but the last woman he loved rejected him due to his strange powers and sinister pedigree. Will he open his heart to Rina, before it’s too late?



Meet Rina

Let me introduce you to Rina, the heroine of Marrying A Monster. She has one of those super-efficient metabolisms we all envy, and the kind of long, wavy hair I personally envy, even though I know how much work that can be. Her first weapon of choice is her pepper spray, though she doesn’t like to use it in places where it would hit innocent bystanders.

At the beginning of the story, Rina’s clothing shop is losing money, and her chief financial backers (her parents) can’t help her out unless she does them a favor…which will involve her traveling back to their hometown of Thundermouth, near the top of Mount Snarl in the Blue Smoke Mountains.

Along the way, she visits such prime vacation spots as Goatsfart and Stayout, meets a hunky but secretive folklore expert by the name of Vipin, and bickers with her archnemesis and least favorite customer, Amita. But there is a monster stalking her up the mountain, and it will take more than snark and pepper spray to take it down….


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