Complete at 102926 words…For Now

Yesterday, I celebrated my country’s freedom from bad cooking, Received Pronunciation, and taxation without representation. Tomorrow, I will celebrate my temporary freedom from first drafting. You see, tonight I finished the first draft of the longest book I have ever written. The space opera I’ve been trying to write for years finally came together.

A few notes on the process:

-I started this novel on November 1, 2019, after a couple of months of figuring out the plot and the characters. Start to finish production has taken slightly over 8 months and produced 102926 words. If I sound like I just won the lottery, I do kind of feel that way, even though there is a lot of work ahead.

-Plans for the space opera: I need to rename pretty much everyone and everything, nail down some world-building details, and then do my “polishing,” a combination of plot/world-building fixes, character development and scene expansion, and just fiddly rewording and proofing.

-One lesson learned: when I have nearly unlimited free time, I don’t actually tend to use it for writing. When I was on administrative leave from work (due to COVID-19), I didn’t get that many words down. Too many distractions, too many things to do around the house.  When I started working from home, it actually helped. Working from home restricted my free time just enough to make me use it responsibly, while actually leaving me a decent amount of free time, which wasn’t always the case when I was commuting. Count me in the pro-telework camp, for what it’s worth.



One thought on “Complete at 102926 words…For Now

  1. Omg I love space operas and have been meaning to write one, but I’ve been doing cyberpunk novels at about a length of 70,000 words. Finishing at 100,000 is crazy awesome, and you’ve inspired me to start that on my next project. Thanks for sharing and all the best with your book!


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