Midpoint of NaNoWriMo2019

We are now halfway through November, and halfway through National Novel Writing Month. I am at around 27000 words, and hope to end the day around 28500 or 29000. It seems pretty clear that I will not meet my extremely ambitious target of 90000-100000 words this months, but 60000-75000 is still possible. Innovations this year:

-I successfully wrote 4500 words on the trip over Veterans’ Day Weekend. This was due to some unfortunate circumstances I can’t get into here, which meant that I had more time to myself than usual, and could use the Speechnotes app on my phone with corrections on my portable keyboard.

-For the first time, Scrivener is the main location of my NaNoWriMo draft. I have a Word document for dictation sessions, which includes pre-writing exercises like warmup reading sessions or mission statements for the day, and I have a Word document in the cloud for writing while traveling, but the actual story content all gets transferred over into Scrivener. This was made possible by an exhaustive scene-by-scene outline in Excel, which was then transferred into the Scrivener file. Here’s hoping the wordcount mechanism “under project targets” in Scrivener is reasonably accurate.




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