So many good deals on St Patrick’s Day!

Regina Welling is once again hosting a sale of clean paranormal/suspense books on her website, in a variety of genres from mystery to fantasy to romance. All of them, including my novel Waking The Dreamlost, are just $0.99! If you’re in the mood for a more cleancut story with little or no cursing or explicit violence or sex, you know that at times it can be tricky finding something you like in these genres, so check the sale out here!

As you may know, steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson is currently hosting a group giveaway on Instafreebie, of free science fiction and fantasy books, short stories and sample chapters. You can find a short prequel to Waking The Dreamlost as part of the giveaway. There is also a page for related works on sale, just $0.99 apiece, and of course Waking the Dreamlost is there too. Just click on the links above or the images below to check out all the books you can get for free or for $0.99.


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