New Novel Released!

Someone is stealing Itana’s memories, and the young woman doesn’t even know it. Her only chance of escape from the forces toying with her mind is her new bodyguard, a former soldier named Marish. But their love for each other could blind them to the dangers surrounding them, and leave Itana trapped without her memories forever!

Hello there! After several months of hard work, I am pleased to announced that my second novel, Waking the Dreamlost, is available online now. The hero of Dreamlost is the brother of Monster‘s hero, and both books are set in the country of Jaiya, in a world not quite like ours. You can read a short prequel to Dreamlost for free here.

You can find the book itself at major ebook stores all across the internet, such as AmazonNookiBooksKoboScribd, and Google Play. It is also available (in English) at stores like FNACDoganBajalibros, Ebooklife, and Hugendubel.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to read Marrying A Monster, the first book in the Jaiya Series, it is available at all the same vendors as Dreamlost. Just click here to be taken to the vendor of your choice, or here to download a free sample chapter.


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