The Pomegranate Lover at Createspace

*Puts on Tia Baden hat*

A lady who loves pomegranates meets the bard who brought the fruit into her country, and discovers his terrible secret. A Japanese peasant saves a magical princess and becomes a Prince in the mysterious land of Horai…at a terrible price. Alexander Hamilton senses a ghostly presence as he prepares for his final duel. A pirate captain must intimidate a sea serpent long enough for his men to find a way to kill it…Collected here together for the first time, are Tia Baden’s mythic tales of love, honor, and revenge.

The Pomegranate Lover and Other Stories is now available for purchase at Createspace. The print edition should go live at Amazon sometime next week, and at that point I will upload the mobi file and see if the two editions link in a timely fashion.


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