State of the Paranormal Romance Project

*puts on Mel Dunay hat*

So, for a long time, I thought that I was rewriting and editing the rough draft of book 1 in a loose trilogy, had a rough draft for book 2, and an outline for book 3. Well, I started writing from the outline a few weeks ago and discovered that this was actually going to be book 2, and the one rough draft was going to be book 3.

The polishing on book 1 is still going forward, a little slowed down by stuff going on in my personal life, because although I can work on book 2 during break time at my day job, I need to be at home, with access to Scrivener, to clean up book 1. The polishing is going pretty smoothly so far, but it will get more complicated as I approach the third act of the book. That section of the book was where I started getting sloppy and confused while writing the rough draft for National Novel Writing Month back in 2013.

So, with any luck, book 1 will be ready sometime this fall in September or October, but there may be a longer gap between it and book 2 than I’d originally planned. Fingers crossed.


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