September SFF Book Bonanza!

Hello, there! 
Dean F. Wilson has pulled together an impressive sale of science fiction and fantasy books to help beat those end of summer blues – all on Amazon, each for just $0.99! 

He has graciously agreed to include my own novel, Loving a Deathseer, in this sale. It is the third book in the Jaiya series of urban fantasy/paranormal romance novels. The first book in the series is free and the second book is also $0.99. If you need to do some early Christmas shopping, the complete collected series in one volume can be found here.

In Dean’s sale, you can find Loving a Deathseer under the fantasy and paranormal romance heading, when you click on this link to check out all the discounted books! We hope I can help you find some new reading material at a price you can afford. Good Hunting! (Book Hunting, that is!)


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