Happy Birthday, Mr. “David Darcy”

I ran across an Italian language TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice recently, and found that it had an interesting take on Darcy. Not particularly handsome, but a sort of “Genius Bruiser,” equally comfortable with a dueling sword in hand, or a book of allegorical poetry. (And yes, they changed Darcy’s first name, a minor alteration compared to some things going on in that adaptation.) Franco Volpi, the actor in question, has been deceased for many years, of course, but I happened to notice, while wandering around Wikipedia, that today was the 100th anniversary of his birth, so here’s a cool moment from Part 4 of that P&P, where Wickham, having eloped with Lydia and been tracked down by Darcy, basically jokes about having done away with Lydia. Needless to say, she’s alive and well, Wickham is just trying to goad his old adversary. Darcy, understandably, doesn’t realize that, and goes ballistic. No subtitles, but given the heightened emotions involved, they don’t seem all that necessary to me.

If you believe in praying for the dead, as I do, feel free to send up a few prayers on the actor’s behalf.