May Book Sale!

Hello, there! I hope you are getting some May Flowers after all those April Showers!
Dean F. Wilson has pulled together a cool sale of science fiction and fantasy books: all on Amazon, each for just $0.99! 

He has graciously agreed to include my own novel, Scapegoating a Hero, in this sale. It is the second book in the Ancestors of Jaiya series of fantasy adventure/romance novels. The first book in the series is free, and the second is also $0.99, but each book in the series in meant to standalone. You can find Scapegoating a Hero under the fantasy and paranormal romance heading, when you click on the link to check out all the discounted books!

You may be hearing from me about these sales opportunities several more times this year, possibly as often as once a month. I hope this will help you find some fun reading material at a price you can afford. Good Hunting! (“Bargain Hunting,” that is!)


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