Just Heard About a Cool New Novel!

Sands of Eppla

thumbnail_Janeal Falor_front

Just Heard About a Cool New Novel!

Cassandra lives in a world where you fall in love at first sight—or not at all. Too bad she’s blind, and being blind makes her not only immune to love, but also a criminal. She must now live alone or face being sentenced to a life of slavery.

Though she’s grown accustomed to her solitude, everything changes when Cassandra stumbles across a mysterious man in her domain….

I only know Janeal Falor’s earlier work by reputation, but she just published Sands of Eppla, and the premise, as you can see from the blurb above, sounds very interesting. Since both of us tend to write fairly clean fantasy novels that have a romance angle, I thought many of you might find this novel interesting, and agreed to a newsletter swap with Janeal. Just click on this link or on the image above to be taken to your choice of ebook store.

Happy Reading!


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