Buy a Paperback, Get the Ebook Free!


It’s the Multi Author Matchbook promo, hosted by David Neth! Basically, Amazon has this feature called Matchbook where an author can offer a special discount on the ebook edition of a book if someone buys or has bought the print edition. A group of authors (including me), under David’s guidance, have made their ebooks free with the purchase of the print editions. This promotion runs until November 23.

Have a friend who might like one of the books on the list? Buy the print version for them, and get the ebook version free to read for yourself. Enjoy reading a paperback on a cold November night, while sipping the hot beverage of your choice? Pick up a paperback for home, and an ebook to read on your phone, tablet, or kindle device. Just click here or on the image above to be taken to a page that lists all the titles available in this promotion!


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