Content Policy

Greetings! I’m the author behind Jaglion Press. In the past, I have mostly blogged about the writing process and about various book sales and cross-promotions I was participating in. I do not blog about my personal life, because the people I interact with have a right to privacy, and I have not asked them for permission to write about them here.

As of 2021, I hope to add more focus on the worlds and characters that I write about. If my books were movies they would be rated PG or a very “soft” PG-13 for fantasy violence. I try to keep my blogging in the same range.

Opinion blogging, such as political content or reviews of media that I’m familiar with, takes up more mental and emotional energy than I can spare at this time. When it comes to book promotions run by individual authors, I am more concerned with whether my books can reach an audience who might enjoy them than with the specific beliefs of the person running the promo.

Occasionally, I feel the need to share something inspirational or motivational. These might be musical pieces found on youtube, excerpts from authors I enjoy, or Roman Catholic prayers. These posts are generally untagged and uncategorized, with comments turned off.