Weird Wednesday: We Can Imagine It For You Wholesale

Still trying out wacky prompts in Midjourney, and developing a fresh, if wary, respect for AI-based images. I have actually pretty good versions of my heroines from the Ancestors of Jaiya series, and some more space art for Star Master. I will probably share those at some point, after some more clean-up.

In the meantime, here’s some completely random Midjourney fan art: the main characters from The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly as pirates. General note: for more old-school actors with conventionally handsome features, Midjourney sometimes struggles to create a likeness humans can recognize (see the Clint Eastwood image below), whereas celebrities with quirkier, more distinctive features fare a bit better (see the Van Cleef and Wallach images below).

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New Giveaway on Prolific Works!

Happy start of spring! Fantasy author Katherine Wibell has organized a freebie giveaway on Prolific Works (the website formerly known as Instafreebie). She has pulled together a collection of stories and sample chapters that speak of worlds not quite like ours. Some of the covers may not be “safe for work,” but there is a wide variety of worlds and stories represented here.

My contribution is a sample chapter from Slaying a Tyrant, the first book in the Ancestors of Jaiya series: G-rated cover, PG-rated content. Feel free to check it out, if you don’t already have a copy.

Dark Nights & Book Delights: A New Freebie Giveaway

Happy Thanksgiving to all who will be celebrating it! Urban fantasy writer N. K. Vir is hosting a giveaway on Prolific Works (the new name for our old friends at Instafreebie). She’s pulled together a huge number of paranormal books of every length, from sneak previews and short stories, to full-length books. From mystery to romance to fantasy to horror, there’s something to entertain everyone on these long, dark evenings!

She was gracious enough to include the sample chapter from my first novel, Marrying a Monster, in her giveaway, but there’s lots more to choose from-just click here or on the link in the first paragraph to see the complete list of freebies.

April Showers Bring Instafreebie Giveaways!

As you may know, steampunk writer Dean F. Wilson is currently hosting a group giveaway on Instafreebie, of free science fiction and fantasy books, short stories and sample chapters. You can find a sample chapter from my first book, Marrying A Monster, as part of the giveaway. There is also a page for related works on sale, just $0.99 apiece, and Marrying A Monster is there too. Just click on the links above to check out all the books you can get for free or for $0.99!